Freischwimmer Festival 2015

New Theatre, Performance and Live-Art

FREISCHWIMMER is a festival and co-production platform that features new work by seven young artists from Frankfurt, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Zurich and Berlin at the crossroads of theatre, performance, live art, choreography and music. Riding the reverberations of reality TV amid the warbling and twittering of today’s social networks and weathering the storm of various surveillance and monitoring scandals, the Freischwimmer festival sets out in search of intimacy. What really characterizes this fragile, little explored condition? Where do we draw the line between intimacy and privacy or resistance to the public realm? How can intimacy develop on stage? The artists have dug up answers on Danish television and at farms in Upper Austria, in gelatinous radio shows or in the weaker self, at the taxidermists, in completely screwed up families or during a very private dance in a public space.