Displacements. Other Stories of Flight, Migration and the City

In spite of all on-going debate in politics and the media about restricting immigration, migration is already normality– a part of everyday life and the complex, constantly fluctuating reality of modern Germany. In large cities such as Frankfurt, more people have a personal history of migration than not. Calls for the one-sided integration of refugees and migrants into an allegedly immutable German society and dominant culture easily lead to stigmatisation, marginalisation and discrimination. But
in what ways have migration and flight actually already left their mark on the city and on urban society? Who is telling these
new, alternative stories and how? For “Displacements”, the Mousonturm has assembled stories of flight, migration and the city in form of theatre pieces, performances, projects, celebrations, concerts, discussions, films and video installations by artists and collectives from Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris and Damascus, from Beirut, Cape Town, Curitiba and Tokyo. Visions of urban society are just as much a focus as are critical inquiries into the representation of migrants, refugees and people born in Germany. “Displacements” is also moreover a festival of unfamiliar performance formats and staged constellations, of direct and individual narratives, encounters and perspectives.