What can I do if I cannot use my already purchased tickets due to illness?

  1. You can transfer your already purchased tickets to someone else

Even personalised tickets can be transferred to another person. The person to whom you have passed on the ticket can correct the contact details directly at the venue.

  1. Alternatively, you can give your ticket back to the Mousonturm on commission.

If Mousonturm successfully resells your ticket, we will refund the price of purchase. Please contact us as soon as you know that you are unable to attend the show and send the following information – at the latest until the start of the performance – to ticketservice@mousonturm.de :

– title of the performance,
– date of the show and
– the ticket code (4 digits below the barcode)

Please also tell us whether you bought the ticket
-> online
-> at a ticket agency
-> or directly from the Mousonturm box office.

We will then cancel your ticket and release it again for sale. Please understand that the reverse transaction process can take up to one or two weeks and that we can only refund the price of purchase if the ticket is successfully resold.