Choreografische Werkstatt with Jack Bannerman, Eli Cohen, Eng Kai Er und Maria Kobzeva

Choreografische Werkstatt with Jack Bannerman, Eli Cohen, Eng Kai Er und Maria Kobzeva

The Choreographic Workshop offers local and regional dance professionals the opportunity to present their work-in-progress or research projects, to give an insight into current issues and their working methods, and to talk about them in a subsequent discussion. Up to three presentations (15 min max.) will be shown per evening. In the subsequent discussion, the artists and the audience will have the opportunity to discuss questions, make references or give suggestions for further development.

Jack Bannerman: Do you feel at home

Where do you feel at home? Do you feel at home in the life that you lead? How comfortable are we in our own skin? This piece is a combination of these questions and my experiences I have had going through the dance industry and living in Germany. During lockdown I asked myself a lot how did I fit into the world that surrounded me? My ‘home’ is always going to be far away but you can always ‘feel’ at home in different places. I think this is an individual response for everyone so I wanted to leave space for the audience to be able to reflect on this eternal question of belonging and purpose.
Jack was born in Melbourne, Australia and trained at the Victorian College of the Arts secondary school and then at the New Zealand School of Dance. He performed in productions with the Queensland Ballet before moving to Europe and working at the Opera Baltycka and at Ballett Eisenach. At Ballett Eisenach Jack has created piece’s for the Young Choreographers season and also created a solo for Andris Plucis’s “Wir”. In January 2021, Jack created a solo entitled ‘Who are you?’.

Eli Cohen: Origins (working title)

Before dance there was movement, before music there was sound. The oldest human records reveal humanity’s primal impulse to express feelings through movement. Culturally and politically, dance has always done and achieved what words cannot. “Origins” explores a timeline of human movement and sound and portrays their respective evolution into what we know as dance, music and expression today. The excerpts to be shown depict the origin of humanity through dance and sound as ritual, the baroque era with dance and music as dialogue, and the classical era with dance and music conveying a narrative.
Multi-disciplinary artist, director, freelance performer, and emerging choreographer Eli Cohen has worked and created for companies in North and South America and Europe. Her interest in collaborating within a wide range of disciplines has led her to curate, participate in, and direct multimedia projects including stage productions and site-specific works with photographers, choreographers, athletes, painters and musicians. She is inspired by subtlety and details and how they manifest themselves in the final product. Her works have been performed in Spain, Italy, USA and The Netherlands.

Eng Kai Er: 100 Advertisements – Now Online!

100 Advertisements – Now Online! Is an online version of 100 Advertisements, which was a studio-based performance that combined 100 pandemic-related fictional advertisements, pole dancing, and storytelling. My ambition for 100 Advertisements – Now Online! is to upcycle materials from 100 Advertisements, further reflect on the pandemic and its contingencies, and develop expanded artistic methods for the live performance of online shows.
Hello everyone! I am a choreographer and performer. I study MA Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, in Giessen. My work tends to be funny, intimate, physical. More about me:

Maria Kobzeva: Patterns of perception

This work aims to reflect the current discourse on privacy and surveillance through technology. The fight against the pandemic has been leading to massive intrusions into the privacy of citizens in some countries. As a society we have to be careful to distinguish which measures are justifiable and which are not. With this dance project, we want to visualize and question the instances of power and point out the urgency of critical thinking towards technology. One shouldn’t underestimate the power of current technologies and the algorithms they function on, potentially posing a threat to democracy.

MARIA KOBZEVA started with rhythmic gymnastics in Canada and then studied at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. After graduation, she joined SPBT Theater and toured with a wide classical repertoire. To expand her knowledge, she studied contemporary dance in Frankfurt. Here she worked with various choreographers (Paula Rosolen, Dieter Heitkamp, Stephanie Thiersch, among others) and collaborated on many interdisciplinary projects. Currently she is a freelance artist, creating and living in Frankfurt.



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