Der Geheime Salon – Residencies

“Der Geheime Salon”, a collaboration between the Frankfurt-based tape label MMODEMM and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, presents marginal music at the interface of experimental electro and club culture since October 2017. Based on an idea by the Salonniers Les Trucs, who initially started the conspiratorial meetings in an abandoned erotic video store, an international live act, as well as a local D transform the Lokal at Mousonturm once a month into a place for auditory happenings.

The invited musicians, who neither comply with the conventions of the institutional-academic framework of contemporary music nor the club scene with its emphasis on profit and acoustic conformity, have almost no spatial and financial resources available on an everyday basis. Therefore “Der Geheime Salon” will be expanding the 2018/2019 concert series season to include five working residences. This way, salon guests have the chance to work for four weeks in the specially set-up sound studio at Mousonturm in order to work on their acoustic ideas. Then, they will subsequently present them at the end of the residency at a Geheime Salon. In addition, their work will be documented and made more widely available by a tape release on the MMODEMM label.


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A concert series by Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and MMODEMM, supported by the Alte Oper as part of the Musikfest. Funded by the Musikfonds e. V. with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, the Dr. Marschner-Stiftung and the Naspa Stiftung.