The LOKAL Listener – Gregor Praml meets… since 2017

[Lokal – German: noun for “restaurant”, adjective for “small geographic spaces“, Latin localis – “local”]

[Listener – synonym: “perceiver”, “hearer”, “observer”]

The versatile Frankfurt music scene has a long jazz tradition and it is always a joy to listen to its protagonists, their style, their skill. But who are these musicians? Where do they come from? Who are their role models? Why do they play their instruments in exactly that way? For all these questions, there is the concert-talk-series The LOKAL Listener at the Mousonturm’s Lokal. Gregor Praml, double bass player, composer and music editor at hr2-kultur, is hosting a Sunday jazz matinee once a month to personally present musicians from the local scene in relaxed conversation. And not to worry, there will also be ample music to boot!