The following guideline should help you navigate through the ticketing system, which is only available in German.


Step 1

Click on the performance of your choice


Step 2 – Ticketauswahl (Ticket Selection) 

Choose the price and the number of tickets by using +. (To reduce your choice please use –.) Choose freely between the different categories of our solidarity pricing system: Minimalpreis (minimal price), Ermäßigter Preis (reduced price), Regulärer Preis (regular price), Unterstützerpreis (supporter’s price).

After selecting the tickets press “In den Warenkorb” (Add to cart).


Step 3 – Überblick (Overview)

In order to change the number of tickets press “Ändern” (change), to delete your order completely press “Löschen” (delete). To confirm your choice press “Weiter” (continue), underneath the box “Zwischensumme” (subtotal).


Step 4 – Kundenregistrierung (Registration)

On this page you can register as a customer of the Reservix ticketing system. We recommend purchasing the tickets without registration. In order to do that, tick the box “ohne Registrierung als Gast bestellen” (order as guest without registration) which you’ll find below “Neukunde/ Gastbestellung”(new customer/ guest order) on the left side of the page, then press “Weiter” (Continue).


Step 5 – Anschrift (Address)

Please fill in your personal information:

Please press “Weiter” (Continue) to reach the next page.


Step 6 – Lieferung (Delivery)

The box “print@home” is automatically ticked. Press “Weiter” (Continue).


Step 7 – Zahlungsart (payment method)

Choose your payment method

Kreditkarte = Creditcard
SOFORT Bezahlung = Onlinebanking

than press “Weiter” (Continue)


Step 8 – Übersicht/ Summary

If your order is correct please tick underneath “Gesamtsumme” (Total) the box “Ich erkläre mich mit den AGB einverstanden” (I agree with the General terms and conditions). Then press “Weiter” (Continue). You will automatically be sent to the payment page.


Step 9.1 – Creditcard

Choose your type of card. Enter your “Kartennummer” (Card number), Verfall (date of expiry), CVV, press “Zahlen” (Payment)


Step 9.2 – Onlinebanking

Please fill out “Land ihrer Bank” (Country of your bank) and IBAN

Please press “Weiter” (continue)


Step 10

You will receive an email with your ticket within a few minutes, it will come from ADTicket. To open and download the PDF-Ticket, you’ll need to click on the link just below the words: Tickets selbst ausdrucken (PDF) (Print tickets yourself (PDF))


Step 11 – Access the Stream

You can access the stream a few minutes before it starts. You’ll find all the necessary information on your ticket, including the website and your “Zugangscode” (Personal code). Enter your personal code (“Zugangscode”) in the box “Livestream jetzt freischalten” (Activate livestream now) on the website.