(c) Walid Raad | Courtesy of the artist & Sfeir-Semler Gallery Beirut/Hamburg

Walid Raad

We Lived So Well Together: A Walkthrough

Kunsthalle Mainz

As part of the exhibition, Walid Raad will conduct tours – titled Walkthroughs – in Kunsthalle Mainz in the first and last weeks of the show. In We Lived So Well Together: A Walkthrough Raad talks about his creative process, narrates the historical and fictional events that shaped his works. With a style that is all his own, he weaves the works and the visitors through a web of references that extends from the Ottoman Empire, the First World War and into the present.

Registration via Kunsthalle Mainz required.



A event of Kunsthalle Mainz
in the frame of the exihibiton Walid Raad — We Lived So Well Together.