(c) F. Wiesel

F. Wiesel



Mousonturm Saal


F. Wiesel approach the Bermuda triangle: vessel of all lost objects past, present and future. The spot in which media coverage stops, maps end and myths begin. They work in the reservoir of the missing. Printing, constructing, building model ships and archipelagos. And then, it is all suddenly very real: at the centre of all incidents, at the bottom of the sea, in a secret space – the reptile creature. It steps onto the stage and spans a network of its own imagined contexts. A post-factual fairy-tale in the age of hysterical concepts of truth. With meticulous love of detail and odd humour, the Ponto Performance prize winners of 2017 explore conspiracy theories and myth building as narrative forms of the present in “Bermuda”.

Duration: 80 min.
Language: German