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Die Verhandlung

Frankfurter Innenstadt


We take our seats in the front row. We do not applaud, we watch attentively: we witness everything. Every detail is important, everything can be negotiated, and at some point a verdict will be reached. Will it be in the name of the people? Or perhaps in the name of the audience? How does the law conduct itself? And what role do I play here? In this participatory experimental set-up, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court becomes the protagonist, a social sculpture, a place of lively debate. Spectators of many ages together assemble a portrait of the court from various personal perspectives. Together with a performer you will visit a court case. Afterwards, your observations will be recorded and become part of an archive of trial observations.

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Duration: 135 min
Language: German
ALL IN 13 years
Start: Bürgeramt/Amtsgericht

In cooperation with Starke Stücke

Court hearings are open to the public of all ages. For more information and details about the meeting place of the group, please write to:

General rules of hygiene and physical distancing must be observed. Your contact details (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) will be recorded on location before the event in order to follow-up in case of a COVID-19 infection. Wearing a mouth-nose covering is mandatory at all times. A proof of negative Corona status (tested, vaccinated or recovered) is recommended.
More information on hygiene and safety