(c) Eduardo Giannini Ortega, (c) Yasuyuki Emori, (c) Maximilian von Lachner

Nuno Ramos/Akira Takayama/Sandra Noeth/Anna Wagner

(São Paulo/Tokio/Berlin/Frankfurt a. Main)

Dramaturgical Perspectives #3: Strategies of Redistribution

auf deiner Couch


In ‘Dramaturgical Perspectives #3‘, artists Nuno Ramos and Akira Takayama discuss questions of societal and political participation in light of contemporary experiences of state violence and migration with Anna Wagner and Sandra Noeth. Based on the projects ‘111 VigiliaCantoLeitura‘ (2016) and ‘McDonald’s Radio University‘, they exchange performative and site- and context-specific strategies and consider the politics of image-making and representation related to these. What can art set against the unequal distribution of the integrity of the body? How can it become a tool against the anonymization and collectivization of certain bodies?

Language: English
Live stream via youtube
All videos of the series are available here till June 28th.