(c) Amy Sinead Moran, Shareef Sarah, Maximilian von Lachner, Hort, (c) Ebtihal Shedid, (c) Amy Sinead Moran, (c) Maximilian von Lachner

Farah Saleh/Leila Soliman/Sandra Noeth/Anna Wagner

(Edinburg/Kairo/Berlin/Frankfurt a. Main)

Dramaturgical Perspectives #4: Strategies of Archiving

auf deiner Couch


Both theatre director Leila Soliman and choreographer and performer Farah Saleh have placed questions of representation at the forefront of their work. In response to specific geopolitical contexts and physical as well as symbolic experiences of violence, they critically question which bodies and voices are silenced and rendered invisible in historical and contemporary narratives. In “Dramaturgical Perspectives # 4”, the artists embark on a conversation with Anna Wagner and Sandra Noeth about how artistic practice can work towards alternative archives and testimonies and the redistribution of aesthetic and political agency.

Language: English
Live stream via youtube
All videos of the series are available here until July 5, 2020.