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Federico Albanese combines classical music, electronica and psychedelic sounds into airy, cinematic compositions. He was born in Milan in 1982 and learned to play the piano and clarinet as a child. Later he studied bass guitar and began to compose his own pieces under the influence of Black Music, folk and electronic music. With singer Jessica Einaudi, also known as J Moon, he formed the avant-garde duo La Blanche Alchimie. In the process, he rediscovered his love for the piano and decided to work as a solo artist from then on. As a master of his trade, Albanese has a command of minimalist piano like no other. He combines it with a variety of other instruments, synthesizers, Hammond organ, electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as field recordings to create a unique live experience.

Admission to the hall starts 45 min. before the show and ends 10 minutes before. Please be on time.
Admission only with face mask! More information on hygiene and safety