(c) TinTin Patrone

TinTin Patrone


gorlepin oam ratt

Offenbacher Innenstadt & Frankfurter Innenstadt


In “gorlepin oam ratt” (“racket in the evening”), a three-person choir under the direction of TinTin Patrone presents a science fiction opera in the tradition of the Appenzeller Alpsegen (Alpine blessing). The Alpsegen uses various yodelling techniques, is proclaimed from an elevated vantage point and protects all living creatures as well as belongings in the acoustically affected area. Patrone’s performance is in Manisch, a sociolect that is still partly spoken in central Hesse, in North Rhine-Westphalia and in the Salzkammergut. The echoing syllables of this secret language in the empty urban canyons of Frankfurt and Offenbach create acoustic images of a dystopian sunset scenario and transform residents and people passing-by into listeners.

A radio version of “gorlepin oam ratt” will be broadcast on EOS Radio on 13 June at 11 am.

The performance can be seen randomly in differentlocations in the inner cities of Frankfurt or Offenbachduringthe period mentioned. More informationabout the place will not follow. Follow your ears.

Commissioned Work