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She She Pop



Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)


Who is afraid of the hag? In their multimedia kaleidoscope, She She Pop conjure up this fear with melodramatic gestures in order to exorcise it from the audience in a powerfully visual and humorous way. For 25 years now, the renowned Berlin collective has shaped the German performance scene. This year, the members of She She Pop are all around 50 years old. And so they have chosen to deal with the fear of the old woman – the hag and the witch – in their new piece “Hexploitation”. To this day, the label ‘witch’ is used to discipline women, to disparage them socially as anarchic, sexually unproductive and subversive of power structures and authority. In a live film set, She She Pop explore their own disturbing imperfections and obsessions, tracing taboos and examining traditional witchcraft. In the process, they discover the camera as a magic box through which they can transcend their bodies to create ever new liberating self-portraits.

Duration: 80 min
Language: German

This piece features unclad bodies and details of them. We do not feel that anyone needs to be protected from these images and therefore find an age rating unnecessary, but you may see it differently. In that case, please consider this notice a warning.

Admission ends 10 minutes before the beginning of the show. Please be on time.

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