Ein Haus, dass an der Rückseite mit einer großen blauen Plane abgedeckt ist, mit Holzlatten befestigt. Dahinter stehen mehrgeschossige Häuser.
An einer hellen Hauswand mit kleinen Fenstern hängen ganz viele Klimaanlagen.
Eine Hauswand und ein vertikal verlaufendes Regenrohr. Durch ein michliges Fenster sieht man im Inneren Klamotten hängen. Vor der Wand stehen rote Leitkege mit wahrscheinlich japanischen Schriftzeichen.
(c) Philip Bussmann 2016, © Philip Bussmann 2019, © Philip Bussmann 2017, (c) Philip Bussmann 2017

Philip Bußmann


Innerer Monolog

Atelier 1, 5. Stock


A theatrical installation for one person in virtual space

A table, a place of community, of family, becomes a space of remembering with the help of a VR headset. The visitors can only sit at the table one at a time. Thus they experience what it means to be alone in a room that was shared with other people before the pandemic. How does memory work in virtual space? How can the experience of going to the theatre, which is traditionally based on sharing an experience with many people, be created in spite of the isolation forced on us by the pandemic? In his immersive installation, Frankfurt stage designer, video artist and photographer Philip Bußmann combines traditional theatrical means with modern digital imagery and acoustic worlds – sensorially simple and contemplatively intense at the same time.

Duration: ca 10 min
Language: German
World premiere

Admission is only possible with proof of negative Corona status (tested, vaccinated or recovered). Results of a test may not be more than 24 hours old at this event.
Your contact details (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) will be recorded on location before the event in order to follow-up in case of a COVID-19 infection.
General rules of hygiene and physical distancing must be observed.
No entry without a medical mouth-nose covering! Disinfect your hands when entering the building or grounds. Wearing a mouth-nose covering is mandatory at all times, included in the seating areas.

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