(c) Dorothea Tuch, (c) Benjamin Krieg

She She Pop



Mousonturm Saal


High time for a celebration: 25 years ago, the – initially purely female – theatre collective She She Pop began enriching the highly dynamic artistic organism of performance with variations of their own making. Yet in their new revue “Canon”, the worldwide touring Berliners now turn the spotlight on those works of other artists and thinkers, which critically influenced and informed their work all these years, instead of focusing on their own past achievements. As a re-enactment of experienced moments of performance, this celebration of memory will be conceived, framed and formed by She She Pop in the here and now. Select surprise guests from the independent performance scene are invited to enrich the revue with contributions of their own. In this sense, “Canon” is a collective meditation on the writing of history and the “canonisation” of performance with all the tools of fleetingness, which this art form itself produces.

Duration: 120 min.
Language: German
Premiere of Frankfurt Version