Jeremy Wade singt in ein Mikrofon und guckt wütend und skeptisch in die andere Seite des Raumes.
(c) Ayla Pierrot Arendt / Nadia Perlov

Jeremy Wade


Lost at Sea with Puddles and Sunny (revamped). Stories from The Howling Wave Form Sum



In the period 28. 03 – 15. 04. the video is available on Vimeo on Demand for 24 hours from the time of purchase. Price: € 5.

Jeremy Wade uses a cruiseship in passage from the land of the living to the other side without life as a politically charged form of queer science fiction. His show, “Lost at Sea”, congenial filmed by video artist Ayla Pierrot Arendt and mixed by Hubert Machnik is a bucket of feelings, with Puddles the pelican as a torch song factory, she squacks as Jeremy Wade and Quentin Tolimieri, her killer Pianist, is also her Sunny fun sunshine pal. The Ship Famous Puddles will take you all the way down to a classy shithole called Minus Level 9. Get ready for a lady bird broken scrappy burnt out dirty chanteuse with one eye and a story boy oh boy! Poodles, sorry PUddles, shit Puddles is a survivor of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, where she lost her only sister in this incomprehensible devastation of mother earth. Rescued by this cruise ship she sings for tips or you can ask her after the show. Choking on bits of tar, flailing all fantastic, she quacks, “Once a glorious bird, now covered in oil, which one of you Bitches has a match, let’s light this thing up tonight.” Please DO NOT go to this show, it is actually illegal, empty and Puddles is not the most reliable Pelican. She is not dealing with stress so well these days! However she is more than willing to once again open her old show hole, stretched out, overused, a revolving door. We’re so fucked let’s Quack together. It’s time to put on a shoooooooooooowwwwwwwww!

Please find an english ticketing guideline for the premiere here (the system is only in german)

Language: Englisch
Duration: 120 min
Premiere of the digital version
Mousonturm Co-production
On 27.03. at 11 p.m. e invite you to a Hangout in our digital foyer in gather.town.

For the stream on 27 March applies

— Ticket sales close at least 1 hour before the start of the digital performance.

—  Access: You will receive the link to the digital event on the ticket PDF. Please call up this URL in your web browser on your internet-capable terminal shortly before the start of the event and enter your personal access code.

— In case of problems with the stream: contact the Mousonturm staff (27. 03., 16-19): +49 (0) 69 405 895-88

28. 03. – 15. 04. The film is made available via Vimeo on Demand. To watch the film, you have to register with Vimeo (simple, free and only once) (Privacy Notice). There is no advance booking, the video is paid for directly before watching the film.