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Neoliberal! Mit Greta Wagner

Lokal im Mousonturm, teilbestuhlt


Ideas, political programs and reforms can be neoliberal – and so it has been for the last eighty years, even if the social transformations that tend to be criticized as neoliberal largely belong to the late twentieth century. Yet, neoliberal social systems reveal a subjective side when they produce certain understandings of the self: nowadays, individuals focus their political will less on social systems and political affairs, than increasingly on their own body and feelings, on their ability to concentrate, on morality and consumer behaviour. In emphasizing that nothing is naturally predetermined and all can be altered, many of these practices seemingly run parallel to progressive ideals. How these parallels can be read – either as an appropriation of progressive ideas or as complicity of progressive ideals with neoliberalism – will be the topic of sociologist Greta Wagner’s talk in the Böll Analytics series.

Mit: Greta Wagner (Soziologin und Autorin von „Selbstoptimierung: Praxis und Kritik von Neuroenhancement“)
Moderation: Benjamin Pfeifer
Language: German