(c) She She Pop

Women over 50 are rarely seen on stage – and when they are, then usually as step- or grandmothers. In the theatre performance “Hexploitation”, She She Pop address the fact that the ageing, female body has been excluded from the public gaze. In an illuminating and brilliant way, they demonstrate how the patriarchy, capitalism and bourgeois theatre wish to divest themselves of older women. They do this by reinventing the witch on stage – as a radical breaker of taboos. Making ruthless use of a live camera, the performers confront us with realities that transcend society’s expectations of female bodies and dare to attempt a self-constructed counter-narrative: with all their faults, wishes and desires, that do not fit into the patriarchal version of the story. “As a woman you are stuck in a story that you haven’t written.” In a playful but painful way, “Hexploitation” shows how power operates, how it constrains reality and overwrites other narratives – and how difficult it is to put forward alternative approaches. At the same time, the theatre performance takes great joy in naked bodies and self-images that defy the norm.

Age recommendation: 16+
Languages: German
Duration: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
Notes: Contains scenes of explicit nudity