“SystemFailed” is a performative experiment in the critical examination of digitisation, where the roles of spectators and performers have been exchanged. The spectators move around inside the space on stage and become the actors in the play. In doing so, they are guided by the three performers Mad Kate, Milena Gürtler and Juliane Torhorst, and watched over by a self-developed AI system that tracks movements and predicts individual behaviour, evaluates it automatically and interacts both visibly and invisibly with those taking part in the play through light and projections. They have the task not only of participating but also of interacting within the space, either alone or in temporary communities that can be formed spontaneously or be planned.

“SystemFailed” asks how deeply Artificial Intelligence intervenes in our lives – including by altering systems of control – and whether individual people or groups are capable of influencing the system or withdrawing from it.

In the post-show discussion, there will be an opportunity to exchange experiences of the performance and, on a social level, to discuss the “smart” future with the makers of the work.

Age: 12+ / Suitable for school classes from grade 7.
Language: German
Duration: 60 minutes plus 30 minutes follow-up discussion