Straßenzug in schwarz/weiß, es zeichnen sich Bäume neben der in der Mitte verlaufenden Straße ab. Auf der Straße sind Fußspuren in pink auf das Bild aufgemalt.

Rundbogen gegen Schlaflosigkeit



Nora Kühnhold, Lisa Stehr, Dominique Enz, Thekla Molnar, Nina Ozan

Based on our own experiences of insomnia, we want to take a walk through Bornheim. We could no longer sleep. Not being able to sleep means that everyday life disintegrates, the body becomes numb, the head can no longer remember anything, the identity disintegrates, I am afraid of sleeping, I am afraid of the night. At some point, we started running: running so that the head would stop spinning, running away from the partners next to whom we could no longer sleep, running to the partners we thought we could sleep next to, running on so that the body would get tired. Insomnia takes different forms, produces different feelings and hits different bodies, it can be frightening or paralysing, but also inspiring. What it has in common; it is the state of individuals and is difficult to collectivise or share. Who are you calling at 4 am? Based on this analysis, we ask ourselves: is insomnia a gendered problem? What experiences of exclusion, norm, discrimination, weirdness do we experience while awake that deprive us of sleep? Can insomnia have emancipatory potential because it refuses a logic of productivity? What does insomnia have to do with care? What are the strategies: carrying on, fraying, raving against insomnia? Who are the people affected by insomnia? Is insomnia only an issue of the night?

We pass the Pizzeria Schlaflos in Höhenstraße, through Günthersburgpark and Bornheim Mitte. Along the way, we have a voice in our heads that spins, that thinks, that is too fast, too loud and restless, but that also shares experiences: Others also sit at the window at night and smoke a cigarette.

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Language: German

Content Warning: The audio walk deals with mental disorders and sleeping problems.

There will be a talk with the team of “Rundbogen gegen Schlaflosigkeit” geben. More information will follow on the Nocturnal Unrest website!