(c) Nicola Malkmus

Les Trucs


Sepia Sepia

Mousonturm Saal/Bau


The electronic duo Les Trucs is back with four synth-kraut pop tracks on a new EP (“Ich zieh das Geld an wie ein Magnet”) and just the right show for the crisis. Equipped with specially designed performance backpacks and radio-controlled LED spotlights on their bodies, Charlotte Simon and Toben Piel celebrate their return to the safe concert stage by singing about disappearance. In reference to Vilém Flusser’s philosophy of man from the perspective of the anti-human – a deep-sea monster called Vampyroteuthis infernalis (vampire cephalopod from hell) – they reflect the social reality of our present day with its demands on the individual in shimmering colours and sounds in “Sepia Sepia”. Like squids, they create a fluid texture of amorphous and meandering sound, light, text and body forms. Being a cephalopod has its advantages!

Duration: 45 Min.
Language: German and English

Admission to the hall starts 45 min. and ends 10 minutes in advance. Please be on time.
Admission only with face mask! More information on hygiene and safety