that there then, not now here past

Durational Performance/Sound-Performance

“Do you hear that?”: For three days, a group of artists implant themselves into the festival Politik im Freien Theater, equipped with a mixing desk, two loudspeakers, cables, recording and effect machines. Sounds from the immanent as well as the extended surroundings of the festival will be collected throughout the festival and enhanced in cooperation with the audience. Then the conglomerate of sounds will be performed, distorted and arranged into a collage with live improvised interventions: Alternative rhythms overlap, background noise is amplified and the auditory perception of gatherings is brought to the fore.

Mit: Antonia Beeskow, Aran Kleebaur und Chiara Marcassa

In Kooperation mit: Festival IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23: BEZIEHUNGSWEISEN.

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