Eine Person macht ein Foto von mehreren Performer*innen, die nebeneinander stehen und posen. Davor liegen zwei Personen auf dem Boden.
Sieben Performer*innen posieren mit Blick in die Kamera. Sie sind von vorne liegend nach hinten stehend positioniert, sodass alle gut sichtbar sind.
(c) Emil Wudtke, (c) Roberto Salazar

with mit Magia Marciano, Mandhla Laveaux, Zion Bodega, Roberto Angels, Murmaid Asiah, Juicy Couture, Panama and many more

The Frankfurt ballroom community “anybody walking?!” and the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main invite you to the great hall of the Mousonturm to celebrate voguing, ballroom culture and music as a self-empowerment of queer, non-binary and trans* people of colour. We begin late in the morning on the rehearsal stages with workshops for the community, then offer space in the foyer and on the terrace to sit, eat, drink and chat, before moving on to the Kiki Ball, the dance highlight of the ballroom scene, after a talk with invited guests. Participating artists from the region and international stars compete in 11 categories for beginners and advanced participants:

Beginners Performance
Beginners Runway
Sex Siren
Hands vs. Arms
Com vs. Com

Judges: Roberto Angels, Zion Bodega, Asiah Juicy Couture, Mandhla Laveaux, agia Marciano, DJ: Ceekay Juicy Couture, MC (Moderation): Ocean Louboutin

In addition to the ticketing, participants who want to run with us should also register via panama@anybodywalking.net

Free entry for trans* members of the Ballroom Community: Please register by 15 May via panama@anybodywalking.de.

4.30 pm: Panel Talk with Mandhla, Murmaid Asiah, Magia and Panama (moderated by Sām Sabor).
After-show party with GG VYBE