(c) Gry Tingskog

Gry Tingskog’s pieces operate at the intersection of performance, painting and sculpture. In her experiments with bodies, fabrics and technologies, she combines organic and inorganic textures to create fluid transitions between sensory levels. In her new piece warp, which Tingskog developed together with Amina Szecsödy, Rodrigo Andreolli and Chloe Chignell, the focus lies on the ways that we see and what happens when there is nothing to see. To this end, the choreographer turns the theatre upside down. The audience sits in pulsating light while the stage remains dark. Bodies move between reflecting fabrics, guided by their behaviour and touch. Fingers glide over bodies, materials, textures and technologies. DIY e-textiles, sounds, codes and bodies combine to create choreographies that simultaneously distort the realities they create and weave in the audience’s imagination.

All Information: www.tanzfestivalrheinmain.de/de/kalender/warp

Duration: ca. 60 min.
30.10. Artist Talk after the show
World Premiere

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