(c) Christian Schuller, (c) Avant Scène

LIGNA/Avant Scène


What has happened to the River? Yaoundé Frankfurt Walk

Location: basis Frankfurt e.V.


Using a map of a foreign city to walk through your own is a new way to explore urban spaces: The “Yaoundé Frankfurt Walk” is a walk that links Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, and Frankfurt. Connected via video-telephony, the audience on two continents moves simultaneously through both cities. The stories and images of places, streets and situations are both similar and different. The colonial history, largely forgotten in Germany, is only one aspect. The continued exploitation of resources, the climate crisis or the prevention of immigration come into view as politics of urban spaces. How can shared actions develop despite all divisions?

Duration: 90 min.
Language: English
Talks with the artists from Frankfurt and Yaoundé after each performance.

Contains a walk of approx. 2 kilometers in the city of Frankfurt, including stairs. The performance ends near the starting point.

World premiere