(c) Martin Bien / buero_fuer_foermlichkeiten, (c) Jan Bosch



Body Boom Boom Brain

Mousonturm Saal/Bau


This moment, when everything gets out of control! Where you just wanna disappear or wish for the ground to swallow you up. When your ears get hot, the face turns red and your hands just don’t know where to put themselves. Welcome to the universe of p*b*rt*y. Would be real nice, if someone could help out. If only the hairy leg could make a clear announcement, just how to put those arms casually into some pockets. But no, everything is always growing, shrinking, too dry, too moist, too greasy, too big or small and weirdly colored. Yeah, just keep staring! PINSKER+BERNHARDT invite (indeed!) everyone over age 12 to explore fucking p*b*rt*y as the ultimate brain-body-killer of all human conditions. The theatre becomes a laboratory, in which pimples and pubic hair take over, while the staff tries to get to the bottom of this absurd spectacle.

All information on the event: www.tanzfestivalrheinmain.de

For everyone age 12 and older
Duration: approx. 60 min.
Language: German
There are passages in this piece with a stroboscope (rapidly pulsing flash light).
On 01.11. Small talk after the performance

Admission to the hall starts 45 min. and ends 10 minutes in advance. Please be on time.
Admission only with face mask! More information on hygiene and safety