Dudu Quintanilha

(Frankfurt/São Paulo)

Que sí hay forma de pensar en la vida como performance radicalmente

Mousonturm Foyer


On a greater scale, art and artists will always be above when it comes to urgencies
To productivity
To rushes
To payments
An artist review email in the inbox will never be that important when the inbox is kind of full, even for the artist …
Forward it to whom it may concern, please.

If we radically took the place we were given it would be a wall, a studio, a school. But I don’t fit your wall, my studio is OK, I am a terrible student and I am not sure I would be nice content, even for a website, if you allowed me to put anything on I want. Fortunately, some traces of what I do, does and is. And that is what is shown here. Traces of works and traces of life that I photographed. In this selection, you may see traces from 2012 to 2016. It doesn’t seem much but it is long time for a young artist.

I would call this an Altar Mural for some performance traces of works that are neither organized chronologically, nor by color or humor but by a simple given issue: people together.

I would touch the floor with my head in front of this altar and be thankful for some things. The first and last thing I would be thankful for is an old text that I found while putting this wall together. I wrote it years ago when I was really a young artist and, entering this fictional altar, this text would be the prayer and it goes something like this: “Yes, there is a way of thinking of life as a radical performance … from the shooting to the paper and then to the wall: leave the body behind as the last thing. The body. The silly body. The stimulated body. How to transmit the origin of power through a photo? This image in front of us should have all the existentialism of my body; this image allows me to relief my body from existentialism. Once the image is in front of me, I will to put my finger in it, trespass it, and then my foot, and then go through it, to the other side…”

Das Projekt „im*possible bodies. Performing sharing celebrating. Festival für utopische Praxis“ wird gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes und unterstützt durch die Freunde und Förderer des Mousonturms e.V. (f.f.m).