(c) Robin Hinsch

Moritz Frischkorn


The Great Report – An Attempt at Mapping Complexity

Digitales Festivalzentrum & online


Moritz Frischkorn’s lecture-performance „The Great Report – An Attempt at Mapping Complexity“ narrates and reconstructs field research in Nigeria, Lebanon, and on the island of Crete. For the project, the German choreographer and researcher invited different artists to follow specific material flows (those of water, waste, oil, and data) in order to uncover how global trade cycles, based on the fantasy of total disposability of resources, reproduce neo-colonial patterns of exploitation. If there is, as logistics companies claim in their commercials, a choreography of objects that almost invisibly supplies and thus supports our privileged Western position of consumers, what responsibility can we take for uncovering its complex working mechanisms and for digesting our own complicity in its slow and oblique violence?