Overall Overseer Malakhai Mulan

Malakhai joined Mulan and debuted as German Father in 2017. Here he continued the house’s legacy by opening its first chapter in Berlin and subsequently adding a new house to the German kiki scene roster. In 2019, at The Rites of Spring Ball, he was crowned the new European Father and is currently serving as the Overall Overseer of The Legendary House of Hua Mulan. Since his start in the scene he has proven to be an undeniable force in his main category Realness, both nationally and internationally; while also becoming a strong contender for All American Runway and Realness with a Twist. Being present from the very beginning, he has become a pillar of the community & influential leader in the scene. From hosting events and creating spaces for black and brown trans- and gay individuals, to being a house father and mentor to younger generations, to judging balls from Paris to the Netherlands and United States – his leaps in curating and shaping the German Ballroom Scene, as well as building the community, have resounded so loudly around the globe that he was invited to speak as panelist at the House Lives Matter (HLM) House Ballroom Leadership Convening 2019 in New York City. In the main scene Malakhai was a member of the Iconic House of Balenciaga from 2017-2023.