(South Korea)

Jaygee is an incredible performer from Korea with a unique popping dance style that sets him apart from others in the community. His stage presence and energy are truly captivating, and his fluid movements showcase an impressive level of skill and creativity. Jaygee has proven his skill in the art form by winning numerous international competitions, including the Juste Debout 2017 World Final, the Battlebad 2015 World Finals, and the WDC 2015 World Final. These achievements speak volumes about his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. We are thrilled to announce that Jaygee will be joining us as a judge at our upcoming festival. With his mastery, we are confident that he will help us identify and celebrate the best dancers from around the world. He will also be participating in the Artistic Crossover. Jaygee is truly an asset to our festival, and we feel fortunate to have him on board.