The Künstlerhaus Mousonturm opened in 1988 as one of the first independent production houses in Germany. Today it is recognized internationally as one of the most influential and successful independent production centres. With over 4000 m2 of space in the protected monument  that was once the tower of the former Mouson soap factory including a theatre, two studio spaces, rehearsal stages and studios, artists’ accommodation, stage workshops plus its links with Tanzplattform Rhein-Main and Frankfurt LAB, it offers outstanding production and performance facilities and is also available for event hire. Since September 1, 2022, Anna Wagner and Marcus Droß have held the directorship and management of the Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm.

Statement of Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

The Alliance of International Production Houses condemns in the strongest possible terms the invasion and start of war by Russian troops in Ukraine and the related blatant violation of international law. We are shocked by the extent of the violation of human rights, the violence against the Ukrainian population and the extraordinary threat to peace in Europe.
We declare our solidarity with all peace-loving people and we stand up for the protection of democratic, open societies. As internationally working production houses, we use our contacts and networks to give a voice to and stand by threatened artists and colleagues with our means and work programmes.

Альянс міжнародних виробників рішуче засуджує початок війни і вторгнення російських військ в Україну та пов’язане з цим різке порушення міжнародного права. Ми шоковані рівнем порушень прав людини, насильством проти українського населення та надзвичайною загрозою миру в Європі.
Ми заявляємо про нашу солідарність з усіма миролюбними людьми і стаємо на захист демократичних, відкритих суспільств. Як міжнародні виробникі, ми використовуємо наші контакти та мережі, щоб надати голос митцям і колегам, яким загрожує небезпека, і підтримати їх у наших можливостях та робочих програмах.

Mission Statement

As an “artists’ house” we place recurring exchanges with creative artists, groups and collectives working in the contemporary independent sector in German-speaking, European and extra-European territories at the heart of our programming and productions. Contemporary dance and choreography, performance and innovative forms of international theatre by directors, writers and actors who come from beyond German-speaking territories and can therefore bring us closer to other forms of aesthetic expression and more radical methods of political action form the central impulse of the Mousonturm’s programme.  In addition, scope remains for contemporary music and visual arts: we also screen films, organize concerts and present installations. Beyond this we regard the city and its metropolitan region as a stage, a space for interventions and actions that we regularly wish to perform in and to explore together with its citizens.

Frankfurt Declaration of the MANY

Numerous arts, cultural and scientific institutions in Frankfurt have already signed the Frankfurt declaration of the MANY. The Frankfurt Declaration of the MANY articulates solidarity within the arts, culture and science as part of civil society’s engagement against nativist-nationalist, fundamentalist, populist and authoritarian world views, and against right-wing incitement against, exclusion and disparagement of other people. With this declaration activists within Frankfurt’s artistic, cultural and scientific landscape are sending a socio-political signal that affects everyone’s daily practice. The publication of the declaration by the Frankfurt MANY is part of the initiative THE MANY and part of the initiative of further signatories who have joined and will join the MANY with their own declarations across the nation.
-> Frankfurt Declaration of the MANY

The Alliance of International Production Houses’ Committment to non-discrimination

The international production houses in the alliance are united by an unwavering commitment to the values of freedom, human rights, democracy, the rule of law, and tolerance. This means we reject all forms of discrimination, including racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, antigypsyism, ableism, sexism, queerphobia, and classism.

The production houses regard themselves as locations of diversity where people with different backgrounds, interests, beliefs, expectations, and social statuses can interact. Each of these member institutions sees itself as a place where diversity can thrive and where people with a wide-ranging array of biographies, interests, beliefs, expectations and social backgrounds can come together to engage in artistic exchange, expression and performance. One of the Alliance of International Production Houses‘ most significant social responsibilities is to ensure that each one of our member institutions is sensitive to discrimination of all kinds, regardless of a person’s origin, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, religion, culture, residence status, age, class, appearance or any other affiliation and attribution.
-> Committment to non-discrimination


Künstlerhaus Mousonturm is committed to being a place that is aware of discrimination – for its team, for the artists who work here and for the audience. We encourage our staff, our co-operation partners, artistic, technical and administrative production teams, guests and audience to contribute to a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance in a spirit of solidary togetherness.  We see it as our task and our duty to take active, preventative steps against any form of discrimination and have nominated the following persons of trust to continuously develop their qualifications for discrimination-critical work. Anyone who is affected can turn to these persons in confidence to be listened to, to receive advice and support in their interests, to explore possible courses of action or to be referred on to external advice centres.

-> Awareness-Team


Künstlerhaus Mousonturm has been a member of the ÖKOPROFIT Club Frankfurt since 2017. The programme of environmental consultancy for business ÖKOPROFIT® (Ecological Programme for Integrated Environmental Technology) aims to make protecting the environment profitable. The project is a significant contribution to the eco-friendly and sustainable development of the city of Frankfurt am Main. ÖKOPROFIT® is based on those taking part’s voluntarily participation and independent initiatives and promotes anchoring the shared objective of sustainability in the three core areas of ecology, economy and social wellbeing.

Ökoprofit aims to:
– make staff, audiences and artists aware of the need to use resources responsibly
– continuously monitor and reduce the use of resources
– invest in eco-friendly equipment in renovations and when replacing or updating stock
– be mindful of the use of resources in purchases

– be mindful of individuals’ environmental management during recruitment
– to use eco-friendly transport for (official) travel by staff and guest artists
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