Michał Borczuch

Michał Borczuch born in 1979 in Kraków. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Theatre Directing, and a scholar of The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Programme for the most promising young artists from all over the world, with Patrice Chéreau as his mentor. His first independent work was “KOMPOnents” by Małgorzata Owsiany. Among his later works were: Polish XIX century classic, Aleksander Fredro’s “A Great Man For a Small Business”, were he played a double role – as director and as a stage designer; Leonce and Lena by Goerge Büchner, Lulu by Frank Wedekind. In 2009 at TR Warszawa Borczuch prepared his adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s “Dorian Gray”. At the same time, he developed the widely acclaimed version of “The Sorrows of Young Werther”, at the Stary Teatr in Kraków. 2012 is also the year of Borczuch’s début on the stage of Düsseldorf’s Schauspielhaus, where he produced a play based on “The Unwomanly Face Of War”, the celebrated novel by Sviatlana Aliaksandrawna Alieksiyevich. His shows “The Apocalypse and All About My Mother” won the Grand Prix at the Divine Comedy festival in Krakow in two consecutive years (2015 and 2016). In 2017, he received the prestigious Polish award – Polityka Passport, for original and moving theatre, full of empathy, and at the same time carefully and not ironically analyzing the formation and actions of our ego, the mechanisms of memory, and the role of art in life.