Canceled and rescheduled events

New Dates

—> “Van der Graaf Generator” postponed to 18.9.21
—> “Bummelkasten” postponed to 30.10.2021
—> “Pantha du Prince plays Conference of trees” postponed to 01.11.2021
–> Konzert “Van der Graaf Generator” postponed to 17.05.2022
–>  Bar im BAU. Playlist Matthias Pees (16.04.2021) to be resceduled
—> Stefanie Sargnagel Lesung “Dicht” (11.10.20) takes place via Brotfabrik/Sommerbühne
—>Th LOKAL Listener mit Tamar Halperin to be resceduled


Cancellations / ticket refund

–> Derya Yıldırım (16.4.2021) canceled
–> Malakoff Kowalski “Soloklavier” (17.4.2021) canceled
–> Lambert (17.01.2021) canceled
–> Antonia Baum zu Gast bei Klaus Walter (24.03.) canceled

Ticket Donation

As an alternative to having the price of your ticket returned to you, you can also choose to donate the cost of tickets already purchased. This applies to all events that have not yet been refunded. The campaign is entitled #seidabeispendedeinticket  and can be found on the Reservix page.