Under the motto A CITY LIKE FRANKFURT we open the new season with i.a. four productions both in the theatre and across the city, dealing with questions
of distribution, public domain, representation and participation in new, creative and interactive ways as we (all) gauge our relationships to central topics
of urban society. The world famous Berlin theatre group She She Pop, a collective specialized in biographical-documentary projects, will open the season
on 31 August with their new piece “Oratorio. Collective Meditation on a Well-Kept Secret”, produced together with performers from Frankfurt. The piece
playfully and exemplarily scrutinizes structures of ownership among the audience. We, the spectators in our seats, become a speaking choir, which steadily
takes on new forms in reaction to shifting criteria of property or lack of it, income and livelihood, varying forms of tenancy or other relationships. The group
LIGNA, who are famous for their “radio ballets” and have meanwhile also taken up residency in Frankfurt, will rehearse an “Invasion from the Planet of
the Apes” with the audience in Frankfurt’s new Old Town by instructing them live via headphones and even providing appropriate costume. In “Land (Stadt
Fluss)”, the second part of their trilogy, the music theatre duo Kötter/Seidl address the relationship of city and countryside and by doing so, also take a
look at one of the most important political, social and also cultural challenges of the up-coming years. Last, but not least, Frankfurt’s female collective
Swoosh Lieu ends its trilogy on crisis with the urban project “Who reclaims?!”, which not only sheds exemplary light on social phenomena of displacement
in Frankfurt’s housing market, but also seeks out feminist spaces created by women. These and further artistic positions on the subject of A CITY LIKE
FRANKFURT repeatedly negotiate the fundamental question: how do we want to live and in what kind of city?

In memory of Richard Geis
*02.9.1929 †05.9.2018

Kötter/Seidl (Berlin/Frankfurt)
Land (Stadt Fluss)
Sat. 15. — Mon. 17.09.2018

* 7 p.m., € 19 / red. € 9.
Premiere * Mousonturm-Co-production

Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

Event Dates

Sat. 15.09.2018

7 p.m. 

Sun. 16.09.2018

7 p.m. 

Mon. 17.09.2018

7 p.m.