As a founding member of the Berlin break-dance formation Flying Steps, Amigo has left his mark on dance history and won numerous international prizes. In “Zeybreak”, the dancer and choreographer has created a dance style that remixes different facets of his biography. Traditional dance steps from the Anatolian folk dance Zeybek, which can be danced both solo or as a group and is based on predetermined movement sequences, are combined with forms of breakdance. Amigo’s calligraphic texts accompany the dance. In his performance, he lets tradition and modernity, his own Turkish family history and life in today’s Germany collide.

Kadir Memiş a.k.a. Amigo, born 1974 in Danişment, Turkey is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. In 1993, he and Vartan Bassil founded the group Flying Steps, which now tours worldwide. He produces and presents his own pieces at HAU2 in Berlin and is a co-founder of the Dance Unity and Funkin` Stylez platforms.

Amigo (Berlin )
Sun. 10.12.2017

* 4:30 p.m. , VVK € 9 / AK € 11 / € 5 reduction for f.f.m. members.

Studio 1
Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

Im Anschluss Künstlergespräch mit Frida Frost.

(c) Rain Kencana

(c) Rain Kencana

Event Dates

Sun. 10.12.2017
Zeybreak: Im Anschluss Künstlergespräch mit Frida Frost

4.30 p.m.