(c) Asja Caspari

Sophie Passmann belongs to a new generation of young  feminists, who are proud, loud and autonomous. They want to become CEO’s or housewives, have children or a career or both. And their imaginary enemy is: the old white man. Although it has never quite been clear what the old white man exactly is. However, one thing is clear: he has power and he will do what is necessary to keep that power. Yet Sophie Passmann wants certainty, rather than cheap punch lines, so she sets out to meet powerful men and ask: “Are you an old white man and if yes – why?” The resulting texts are some of the smartest and simultaneously funniest that Germany has to offer.

Sophie Passmann talked to: Christoph Amend, Micky Beisenherz, Kai Diekmann, Robert Habeck, Carl Jakob Haupt, Kevin Kühnert, Rainer Langhans, Sascha Lobo, Papa Passmann, Werner Patzelt, Ulf Poschardt, Tim Raue, Marcel Reif, Peter Tauber, Jörg Thadeusz, Claus von Wagner.