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Canê Tour 2022

Mousonturm Saal unbestuhlt


“Canê” is the name of Ebow’s fourth studio album, a Kurdish word for “darling”, or “soul”. With her new album, the rapper not only goes back to the roots – representing Munich-Giesing and Free Kurdistan – but also explores the contradictory yearnings of our time: fast cars and political struggle, shy flirting and the eternal search for trouble, prada bags and protest. Ebow doesn’t need an alter ego to hide ambivalences, she can endure them. She is both resistant and hyped, street and sofa, highly poetic and not giving a fuck. Or to put it with the opener track “Dersim62”: “Mein größter Flex ist, dass ich ich selbst bin.” (“My biggest flex is that I am myself.”)

This event will take place under 2G-PLUS rules and without mask requirement.