DJ Lycox steht vor einem Baum. Er trägt einen schwarzen Kapuzenpullover, grift mit erhobenen Händen an die Äste des Baumes und guckt in die Kamera.
(c) Marta Pina

DJ Lycox/Inkasso

Der Geheime Salon – Sonic Sanctuaries

Lokal im Mousonturm


Another musical highlight from the circles of Lisbon’s Príncipe comes to the Secret Salon in the shape of DJ Lycox. Príncipe functions as a rallying point and label for a community of producers from the West African diaspora in Portugal, who have been mixing up the international dance floors with their releases for years. Producer DJ Lycox stands out with his unique mix of Afro-house, polyrhythm and contemporary electronics, which he will demonstrate with a DJ set at the Mousonturm-Lokal. The local slot will be filled by the busy Frankfurt DJ, radio host and Robert-Johnson-resident Inkasso.