Bringing the Book Fair to the close, the Indonesian National Committee Guest of Honour Program – Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 presents one of last season’s most exciting music theatre productions from Jakarta. Tony Prabowo, one of the most important protagonists of contemporary music in Indonesia has created a singular, multi-sensory total work of art together with international performers combining dance, song, music and recitations into the dance opera “Gandari”, presented in collaboration with the International Ensemble Modern Academy. This retelling of an episode from the Indian Mahabharata Epic is based on poem of the same name by renown intellectual and poet Goenawan Mohamad: out of solidarity with her husband Dhritarashtra – who is blind from birth – Princess Gandari resolves to live her life blindfolded. Probowo and the artists transport “Gandari” into the present to create a haunting parable about the relationship between social norms and individual sensibility.
Composition: Tony Prabowo. Text: Goenawan Mohamad. Choreography: Su Wen Chi. Conductor: Bas Wiegers. Soprano: Katrien Baerts. Narrator: Landung Simatupang. Orchestra: International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA-Ensemble 2015/16).

Choir: Batavia Madrigal Singers * Dance: Danang Pamungkas, Lilik Ari Prasetyo * Soloists: Katrin Baerts (Sopran) and Landung Simatupang (Speaker) * Artistic Director: Jay Subiyakto * Choreography: Su Wen Chi * Direction: Jay Subiyakto * Lighting Design: Joonas Tikkanen * Costumes: Chitra Subiyakto * Multi-Media Design: Taba Sanchabakhtiar * Production: Wati Gandarum * Sound Engineer: Norbert Ommer.

A National Organisation Committee of Honorary Guest Indonesia at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 event – Ministry for Education and Culture. In cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the Frankfurt LAB.

One-act Dance opera for soprano, narrator, choir and mixed ensenmble, based on a Story by Goenawan Mohamad. German premiere