Jetse Batelaan / Theater Artemis


Der Tag, an dem der Papagei selbst etwas zu sagen hatte

Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Starke Stücke/Theater

This is what growing up feels like: torn between panic and gleeful rebellion. Dancing, crying, rampaging from one minute to the next and then suddenly going into total retreat. Look at me: I’m invisible! Most of all, we talk and talk – but usually say little more than what was just said before. Finally, we just quietly mumble to ourselves what we didn’t dare say all along. What do we do, when we are ashamed of our own words, but still want to express ourselves? Director Jetse Batelaan and his Theater Artemis are internationally celebrated experts for young audiences. With the help of a special guest, singer-songwriter Nico Laska, and everyone present, they unleash a crazy game of words and talk on the subject of personal identity and the bravery of all those, who know how difficult it is to find.

German Premiere