Offene Probe / Sharing: O que há de norte em cada um de nós? – Was ist Norden in jedem von uns?

Z - Zentrum für Proben und Forschen


After declaring the anus to be the bodily metaphor of the south in Macaquinhos at Mousonturm last summer, the artist aggregate now examines the hand as a possible metaphor for the north. Can the hand as a rational device, which expropriates the Other and puts it at risk, be the same that cares, heals and touches with affection? What is the north within each of us? Continuing their previous research in dance, performance, body and politics, the nine artists pursue a key critic point of post-colonialism: the critic of the global north. The define the north as a seductive state of mind embodying absolute subjectivity, which claims sovereignty of interpretation and favours exclusive practices of colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy.