Sarah Vanhee


Ohne Titel (Frankfurt)


In Ohne Titel (Frankfurt), visual artist, performer and author Sarah Vanhee lets people speak about a work of art in the privacy of their own home. What does it mean to hang art over the sofa or pin it to the refrigerator? What is the relationship between these objects and those hanging in official art institutions? What links the museum visitor to the inhabitants of these very private spaces? What do art works reveal or conceal about the worlds that they are part of and the people, who have put them there?

   Ohne Titel (Frankfurt) is to contemporary art discourse what the neighbourhood around the Waldschmidtstraße is to Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. The piece oscillates between the private home and the public space, between theory and personal narrative. Where human language and the language of art wrestle with each other, Sarah Vanhee fathoms the limitations and possibilities of art.

With Ljiljana Pastorovic, Anja Klein, Wolfgang Bauer, Katrin Rothe, Katrin Glückler, Hildegard Düll, Enrico de Soosa, Marina Anthes, Jana Schulze, Nighat Mushtag, N.N. * Concept and Realization: Sarah Vanhee * Assistant: Sandra Li Maennel * Co-production: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm * Thanks to: Kristien Van den Brande, STUK / Artefact Festival.

Art Visitations in the Neighbourhood.
Limited attendance.
Performance begins at the Mousonturm Box Office.