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For all people



Mousonturm Studio 2 & Probebühne 1 / 4.OG


Workshop for young people (electronic new music)

How might music, digitality and craft be connected? What are the connections between analogue and digital? In our hands-on workshops we experiment with sound in the broadest sense – no previous knowledge of music or an instrument required. Instead we will be building our own instruments and sound generators, connect them to small motors and get cracking! We will learn what produces sound, for example how to use a “sensor”, how to programme a handheld motor or what an electric guitar is made of. At the end, you will compose your own sounds and take your instrument home with you!

10 a.m. – 3 p.m. (incl. a one hour lunch break), free of charge, registration by 15 July via gregor.glogowski@forallpeople.de or anja.schneidereit@forallpeople.de

Workshop: Anna Meik (software engineer), Andrea Eberlein (software engineer), Friedrich Hartung (instrument maker), Alejandro Caldas (guitarist) u.a.