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Pussy Riot


Riot Days

Mousonturm Saal unseated


„We have a voice. We have a choice” (Maria Alyokhina).

After the sold-out German premiere in 2017, the Russian political punk group Pussy Riot is returning to Mousonturm with their rebellious stage show “Riot Days”. The performance project is based on Maria Alyokhina’s eponymous book, in which she tells her personal story as part of Pussy Riot, from the beginnings of the rebellious group in 2011, through their legendary performances, their arrest, trial and her incarceration in a Siberian prison camp until her final release in 2013. A feminist punk manifesto, a powerful anarchist plea for resistance in a right-wing populist, nationalist world. It is a story about oppression and revolution in form of an anarchic mixture of concert, rally, theatre and political happening.

Maria (Masha) Alyokhina: Autorin, Performance
Diana Burkot (Kot): Gesang, Performance, Elektronik, Drums
Olga Borisova: Performance, Gesang, „Riot Days“ Editorin
Tasso Pletner: Performance, Gesang, Flöte

Information on the f.f.m. Friends Membership via freunde@mousonturm.de


Originally, the event was to be held on September 19 & 20, 2023. Tickets retain their validity.