Passers-by walk under pink-flowering trees in a pedestrian zone.
Mirroring the Frankfurt skyline in the windows of a moving transport means.
Blurred photo of a Frankfurt street scene with an imposing building, street, bike path and skyscraper in the background.
Stone sculpture of a woman in front of high-rise buildings.
Snow-covered street with a parking lot, a passer-by and a man shoveling snow.
(c) Sahar Rezaei

Sahar Rezaei


Versuch einer Sprache der Ausnahme



The video is available at Vimeo on Demand for 24 hours from time of purchase between 28.05. – 03.06. Price: € 5.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Antonio Agamben declared the measures to contain it to be a nightmare – the nightmare that the state of emergency, which has become a rule, had come true as predicted. But looking back, the state of emergency can also be read differently. Starting from Benjamin’s observation, namely that “it is our task to bring about a real state of emergency”. For every moment of oppression also contains the potential of its own liberation. And so we look back on a year that made this state of emergency tangible and visible. By retreating from public space into the private sphere, we declared ourselves a danger to one another. The more limited social, cultural and political life became, the more often we remained alone with our feelings, thoughts and dreams. With our bodies. We are still struggling for a collective solution. And where better to fight such a struggle than in the city?

So this is our setting: Frankfurt am Main, 2021. A camera, a voice, they wander through the city: observing, narrating and thinking aloud. How do today’s conditions affect Frankfurt and its inhabitants? What fears do they have? What needs and desires? And how do they experience this new state of emergency? Followung the traces of the state of emergency, we turn our gaze towards the future. And, in Fanon’s words, we realize that “all life is a struggle”.

Language: German
Duration: ca 50 min

Trigger warning: The piece contains descriptions of violence and deals with suicide.

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