CAMPO – the place, where everything that constitutes a community comes together and turns into an experience. The eponymous art centre in the Flemish town of Ghent is currently Europe´s most successful production house for dance, performance and theatre. Here, the team achieves a courageous balancing act of encouraging artists and audiences to constantly seek out the most innovative and contemporary of topics and formats. CAMPO CAMP presents the newest, wildest and most moving pieces from the current CAMPO programme on three double-bill nights. To kick-off we are offering not only plenty of waffles and fries (15 & 16 Oct) but also pieces, who will relieve you of any fears that you may have about adults being underchallenged by performances designed for younger audiences. Three captivating, new-season solo projects by Louis Vanhaverbeke, Pieter Ampe and Benny Claessens reveal the full range of CAMPO´s artistiv horizon.