Triada Kovalenko/Alexander Bauer


23 Fragen zur tunesischen Revolution

Mousonturm Studio 1

Hessische Theaterakademie/Performance

When the revolution took place in December 2010 in Tunisia, Triada Kovalenko had just returned a few months before from her first trip to that country. She set out again to find her own stories and images of the revolution on site in personal encounters. “When I later looked through the material, something was missing. I realized that there was a blind spot, something that didn’t let itself be retold so simply.” – It is the abrupt perspective on history, which Triada Kovalenko questions in her performance. The graduation piece of her Applied Theatre Studies combines images and audio documents into an intense, polyphonic composition in a light and object installation. The play with similarities, disruptions and contradictions reflects the bias of our own, specific gaze and deals critically with the potential of documentary art – and above all incites renewed curiosity in an event, which is almost already considered over and dealt with.

Concept, Performance: Triada Kovalenko and Alexander Bauer * Dramaturgical assistance: Ferdinand Klüsener * Technical Direction: Chris Herzog * Stage design: Michael Bauer * Photographic assistance, documentation: Daniel Kovalenko.