Eko Supriyanto



Mousonturm Saal

ALL IN/Dance

The Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat, cultivated for over a millennium on the island, is usually a male domain. Choreographer Eko Supriyanto learned Pencak Silat from his grandfather. Today, Supriyanto works with stars like Peter Sellars and Madonna. He has also developed his own distinct style, which combines contemporary techniques with traditional Indonesian ones. In his latest piece Balabala, five young female dancers from the remote region Jailolo self-confidently appropriate material from the exclusively male dance forms of Pencak Silat, Cakalele and Soya-Soya as they challenge traditional gender roles.

No language requirements * Mousonturm-Coproduction * Choreography: Eko Supriyanto * Music: Nyak Ina Raseuki * Light and stage: Iskandar K. Loedin * Creative Presence: Arco Renz * Costumes: Oscar Lawalata, Erika Dian * Dance: Yimna Meylia Meylan Runggamusi, Siti Sadia Akil Djalil, Yezyuruni Forinti, Mega Istiqama Arman Dano Saleh, Dian Novita Lifu.

Mousonturm-Co production * German premiere